About Nancy

About Nancy

Nancy Huntly is the Utah Democratic Party candidate for Utah Senate District 2. She is a scientist, teacher, mother, grandmother, partner, friend, and believer in community and public service. Her priorities are Balance in legislative discussions and policies, a focus on Our Communities and their strength, health, and resilience, and Working Together for better governance and better outcomes.

Nancy holds a BA in Biology and a PhD in Ecology, and she has decades of relevant experience in education, ecology, and environmental science. She has worked personally and professionally to bring science, management, policy, and people together. Nancy has been a university professor, an elected officer of the Ecological Society of America, a member of many review panels and advisory boards, chair of the Independent Science Advisory Board of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, a program officer at an independent federal agency that is responsible for funding research and education in science and engineering, Director of an interdisciplinary university Center, a City Councilmember, and a community member of the Cache Valley Chamber of Commerce Legislative Affairs Committee. She has contributed to, created, and led programs in climate adaptation science.

Much of Nancy’s career has been about Listening, Learning, and Working together to find positive paths forward; she will bring that approach to District 2’s representation in the Utah Senate.


More Biographical Information from Nancy

I grew up in rural Michigan where my mother was a teacher, a small business owner, an advocate for quality rural schools and public libraries, a Sunday school teacher, and a church pianist and organist. My father was a pharmacist, a small business owner, a hunter and fisher, and a county commissioner. One set of my grandparents were farmers; my other grandparents owned a small pharmacy. I learned the values of hard work, independence, and personal responsibility from their heritage.

I moved west in 1977 and have lived in Arizona, Idaho, and Utah. I have also worked in Colorado, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Alaska. Utah has been my home since 2011. 

I have managed large projects and programs that require prioritizing and balancing competing interests and finances. I have experience working together to understand and find creative solutions to difficult, often contentious, problems. 

My experience collaborating with people from across political, state, and social boundaries will help me advocate for northern Utah.

My experience discussing complex topics with citizens and decision-makers will serve the people of Cache and Rich counties well at the Utah legislature.